CEUs - Solutions for Floodwater Mosquito Control

Western US Floodwater Summit
Tuesday, January 19, 2021
8am to 12pm (PST)

Join us for a virtual summit on “Solutions for Floodwater Mosquito Control” that will be held virtually on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

This summit will review the biology of floodwater mosquitoes and the existing control strategies applicable for the west region of the United States. The program will run from 8am to 12pm (PST) including a short break.

Attendees of this virtual summit from the locations below are eligible for CEUs (updated 01/12/2021).

State CEUs CEU Category Status
Arizona 4 Approved
California 3 2.5 A (pesticides, laws and regs) and 0.5 B (Control of Mosquitoes) Approved
Colorado 2 1 Pesticides and their families; and 1 credit for Category 110 Public Health Pest Control Approved
Connecticut 4 Categories 7F & 8 Approved
Delaware 4 5C Mosquito Control Approved
Florida 4 Public Health Pest Control Approved
Georgia 4 Category 41 Approved
Idaho 2 Approved
Indiana 4 Category 7A, 8 and RT Approved
Kansas 3 Recertification Training Hours Category 7D (health-related pest control) and Category 8: (public health pest control) Approved
Kentucky 4 2 general & 2 Category 8 – Public Health Approved
Maine 3 Credits for Pesticide Applicator License Recertification Approved
Michigan 4 Commercial core; 7F (MC); 5 (aquatics) Approved
Mississippi Pending Categories – VIII. = Public Health Pest Control; and D = Medical, Veterinary, Public Health Approved
Montana 3 For each of these categories:10-Dealer; 38 Public Health Pest Control; 39 Demonstration & Research Pest Control; 50 Mosquito Abatement Approved
Nevada 4 General Approved
New Hampshire 3 Categories 7B (Mosquito and Biting Fly), 10 (Demonstration, Research and Sales) Approved
New Mexico 4 General (00) = 4 credits; Private restricted Agricultural Pesticides (PRAP)= 4 credits;
Private Restricted Rodenticides Only (PRRO)= 4 credits
Oregon 4 Other Approved
Pennsylvania 8 Categories 16 (Public Health – Invertebrate Pest); 18 (Demonstration and Research); 23 (Park/School Pest Control) Approved
Rhode Island 4 7E (mosquito) and Commercial Licenses Approved
Tennessee 4 Any of the following categories: C05 (Aquatic Pest Control), C07 (Structural Pest Control), C08 (Public Health), C09 (Demonstration and Research), C12 (Pesticide Dealer) Approved
Utah 4 Pesticide use management Approved
Vermont 3 7B (Mosquito and Biting Fly), 10 (Demonstration, Research and Sales) Approved
Virginia Two (2) years added to the Category Recertification Expiration Date Categories 7-A (General Pest Control), 8 (Public Health Pest Control), 60 (Registered Technician) Approved
Washington 3 Approved
West Virginia 7 Categories 9 (Public Health) and 13D (Mosquito Control) Approved
Wyoming 4 Approved

There is no cost to attend the summit, but you need to pre-register to access the summit broadcast.

Click here for more information and to register for the summit.

Questions? Contact Carolina Torres Gutierrez via email at Carolina.TorresGutierrez@valentbiosciences.com.

Agenda - Solutions for Floodwater Mosquito Control Virtual Summit