Virtual Summit May 21, 2020

Co-Innovating Solutions for Container Mosquito Control A National WALS Summit

Recordings from the virtual WALS technical exchange on Thursday, May 21, 2020 are available below:

National WALS Virtual Summit - morning session

Morning session Presentations:

“Insecticide susceptibility status of Florida populations of container mosquitoes”
Presented by: Casey Parker, Technical Development Specialist, ADAPCO

“WALS Origin and Operational use in South East Asia since 1988”
Presented by: Seleena Benjamin, Manager, Public Health Business, Asia/India Region, Valent BioSciences, LLC

“Challenges with container-inhabiting invasive Aedes mosquitoes”
Presented by: Isik Unlu, PhD, Operations Manager, Miami-Dade Mosquito Control Division

“Evolution of the application of VectoBac® WDG in the Florida Keys”
Presented by: Andrea Leal, Executive Director, Florida Keys MCD

“WALS shows great promise in fighting arbovirus disease in Puerto Rico”
Presented by: Dr. Grayson Brown, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit

“Characterization and efficacy of VectoBac® WDG applications targeting container-inhabiting mosquitoes utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”
Presented by: Keira J. Lucas, PhD, Director of Research, Collier County MCD

National WALS Virtual Summit - afternoon session

Afternoon session Presentations:

“WALS: Current SOPs and Equipment”
Presented by: Leanne Lake, Technical Development Specialist, Valent BioSciences, LLC

“Larviciding Solutions for Urban Environments”
Presented by: Samer Elkashef, PhD, Assistant Manager, SacYolo MVCD

“Wide Area Larviciding Sprays in Coachella Valley”
Presented by: Jennifer Henke, M.S., Laboratory Manager, Coachella Valley MVCD

“Wide-Area larviciding with a Buffalo Turbine and VectoLex WDG”
Presented by: Mark Clifton, PhD, Executive Director, North Shore Mosquito Abatement District

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