Technology Platforms

VBC’s vision is to have technology platforms that support and grow its industry leading biorational portfolio. VBC classifies its technology platforms in three areas: Seed/Seedling, In-Season, and Postharvest.

The Seed/Seedling platform includes Physiological Seed Enhancement and root management. Current products focus on agronomic crops, but in the future will likely encompass a much broader range.

The In-Season platform includes Crop Health/Vigor/Yield Enhancement, Insect Management, Disease Management, and Crop Stress Management. These products are applicable across a wide range of crops including tree fruit, tropical fruit, nuts, vines and vegetables. Within agriculture, VBC occupies a leading position in Biological Crop Enhancement (Crop Health/Vigor/Yield Increase) and in Biorational Crop Protection (Insect Management).

The Postharvest platform includes Postharvest Treatments for Disease Management, Quality Preservation, and Shelf-life Extension. In December 2012, VBC acquired Pace International, LLC, an industry leader in postharvest technologies for pome, citrus, and tropical fruit growers.