Deanna Branscome

For our recent Safety Week kick-off, VBC had a chili cook-off between HQ and Research. To demonstrate and participate in the values of sustainable food production and utilization of alternate protein sources, I made a chili with diamondback moth larvae. Insect protein is the wave of the future.

SDG Goals

Dale Wilson

As the field season draws to a close, I am putting an extra measure of energy and time into doing a high-quality job analyzing and summarizing field trial data from testing new microbial product candidates.  By creating innovative microbial consortium [...]

Brian Sopcak

Brian Sopcak When conducting research in the BRC greenhouse, we program lights through our greenhouse control software to automatically turn off during sunny periods when outside light levels are adequate. This helps reduce electricity consumption and lowers our electric bill. [...]

Peter DeChant

Banu Kesavaraju and I traveled to El Salvador with VBC Public Health development team under a USAID funded project and in partnership with Abt Associates (Global Public Health implementation partner) to help set up country's first WALS (wide area larvicide [...]