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uNite® Bio-Inducer with ToughSkin Technology™ is a biological seed treatment containing the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium, Bradyrhizobium japonicum. These bacteria “fix” nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form that can be used by the plant. The Bio-Inducer and ToughSkin Technology™ enable early communication between the bacteria and soybean roots, speeding up the nodulation process, while also providing superior protection to the bacteria. This interaction improves a plant’s ability to tolerate stress, such as drought or extreme temperatures.


uNite is a single component, liquid formulation with state-of-the-art technology that enables aggressive infection of the roots, maximizing the natural capability of soybeans to make nitrogen. The Bio-Inducer and ToughSkin Technology™ improve nodulation; the concentration of nodules is 10 times higher with uNite, even under abiotic stress.

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State-of-of-the-Art Technology

  1. Bio-inducer Soybean nodulation is initiated when soybean roots send molecular signals out into the soil. Bacteria recognize these signals and respond by producing nod factors. When the root senses these nod factors, the rhizobia penetrate the root, multiply, and form a nodule where nitrogen fixation takes place. uNite’s bio-inducer technology initiates the production of the bacterial nod factors before they receive a signal from the roots, accelerating the production of nodules on soybeans.
  2. ToughSkin ToughSkin Technology™ strengthens the cell wall of the bacteria by stressing them during fermentation. The stress causes the bacteria to produce a thicker cell wall, affording enhanced resilience and survivability during storage, application, and in the soil. This is because a thicker cell wall enhances osmoregulation, improving resistance to abiotic stressors, such as desiccation.
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