Root Absorption for Avocado

In general, plant root zone expansion is a highly desirable outcome for any cultural or product-based aspect of crop production. Roots are a plant’s lifeline to water and nutrients that directly affect productivity. MycoApply® biorational soil health products, based on a four-species consortium of beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), achieve this goal by expanding the plant’s absorption area through branching AMF filaments, or hyphae, that extend well beyond the reach of the roots.

Avocado production is all about fruit quality and consistency.  Avocados are grown on marginal soils which increases the stresses of nutrient and water availability through the growing season. By expanding the root access of young nursery trees, they will establish quicker resulting in earlier production.  Established orchards have better access to otherwise unavailable nutrients and are better prepared to produce quality fruit for a longer period of production as the tree ages with more consistent sizing and quality.

As a result of the mycorrhizal fungi’s hyphal network, root absorption area can expand dramatically. This allows the hyphae to absorb water and nutrients the root would not otherwise access.