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As growers continue to face a growing population that demands sustainably grown food, biostimulants are vital to help them address these challenges so they can get the most from their crops.

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The growing global population is now more discerning than ever. They want food and products that are sustainably grown and produced. Simultaneously, market and environmental volatility makes growing crops even more challenging. That’s where biostimulants come in. Biostimulants can help growers balance risks and hedge against extremes.

Rows of young green soybeans against the blue sky with beautiful clouds. Soy bean fields in early summer season.

Soil-applied biostimulant products directly impact the rhizosphere and plant roots. Benefits include increased nutrient uptake, nutrient use efficiency, and drought tolerance for enhanced crop performance.

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We bring over 60 years of biorational crop enhancement expertise to an emerging segment – biostimulants. Our team understands this is a challenging area for retailers and growers, and we are committed to helping our customers find success and maximize ROI on every acre.

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Crop enhancement technologies like biostimulants can be difficult to harness. At Valent BioSciences, they are our core competency. Let us help you maximize your ROI with biostimulants.