Innovation in Biorationals for Agriculture


We’re dedicated to innovating for the global agriculture market. We research, develop, and bring to market highly effective, low-risk, environmentally compatible biorational technologies that create value and solve problems for customers.

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The Role of Biorationals in Agriculture

Today’s growers are required to produce more food than ever while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Some governments, especially the E.U. and the U.S., are requiring re-registration of hundreds of pest control products to meet more restrictive sustainability standards. And in the private sector, food companies have responded by establishing in-house sourcing and supplier protocols that are even more stringent than those imposed by their respective governments.


Biorationals help answer these challenges for the agriculture industry because they: 

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Offer proven and effective performance in sustainable production systems
Provide much needed alternative solutions when existing, traditional chemistries are no longer available
Are proven to have low impact on workers and the environment

Our Biorational Products

Today, our growing portfolio of biorational solutions for the global agriculture market includes crop protection products, plant growth regulators, and biostimulants.

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Our biorational crop protection business leverages beneficial microbes that provide highly specific, sustainable pest control solutions for growers around the world.

Solutions for a stronger world

Interested in seeing how our solutions can help your agriculture needs? Discover what Valent BioSciences can do for you.

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