Copper Bionutrition


Copron® is a premium copper product designed to resolve copper deficiencies and is labeled for use in all crops. Copron is formulated to improve nutrient uptake, absorption, and translocation within the plant.

  • Increases respiration/protein synthesis
  • Improves production of enzymes for early season growth, active growing tips, and leaf enlargement
  • Optimizes lignin formation for stronger bark and stalks and reduced lodging

Copron® Foliar

Foliar-applied copper bionutrition product with formulation enhancers for improved foliar penetration

Copron® Soil

Soil-applied copper product chelated with organic acids to reduce soil tie-ups and protect the nutrients

CopCAN™ Soil

The performance and technology of Copron, optimized for compatibility with calcium nitrate fertilizers

Key Crops



Wine Grapes


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