Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP) Bionutrition


DriveKP™ is a premium dipotassium phosphate (DKP) product, delivering high analysis potassium and phosphorus. DriveKP is built with complexed organic matter (COM) and nutrient chelators and designed to provide highly mobile, plant-available potassium and phosphorus during periods of increased demand such as early season cold soils and hot weather when there is a drop in available soil moisture.

  • Supports sizing, earlier maturity, and improved
    color development of fruit
  • Provides high analysis potassium and phosphorus
  • Available as a liquid formulation, not a soluble powder, for ease of handling

Drives Sugar Mobility

Potassium helps move sugar from leaves to fruit and tubers and contributes to fruit and tuber sizing.

Delivers Efficient DKP

Provides potassium and phosphorus for more balanced nutrition, with molybdenum to help the plant fully utilize nitrogen

Improves Plant Health

Improves plant health during periods of stress like excessive cold, heat, and low water

Key Crops



Wine and Table Grapes


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