Zinc, Iron, and Manganese Bionutrition


FlexForce® enhances vegetative growth and canopy health with improved nutrient mobility through plant tissues.

  • Maximizes photosynthetic capacity
  • Can be applied anytime during the growing season, allowing for application flexibility
  • Increases carbohydrate production
  • Optimizes the production of proteins that are a crucial part of the plant’s natural defense system against disease

FlexForce® Foliar

Foliar-applied multi-micronutrient product with zinc, iron, and manganese

FlexForce® Soil

Soil-applied multi-micronutrient product with zinc, iron, and manganese formulated with complexed nutrients to reduce soil tie-ups and protect the nutrients

FlexCAN™ Soil

The performance and technology of FlexForce, optimized for compatibility with calcium nitrate fertilizers

Key Crops


Stone Fruit

Wine Grapes


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