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Beyond the threats posed by war, famine, and irresponsible use of our environment, disease spread by insects continues to be a significant challenge to many people around the globe. Fortunately, dedicated abatement professionals everywhere champion the vision of a world where people can live their lives and pursue their hopes and dreams without fear of insect-borne illnesses. In this section, you’ll find information and resources on select insects of public health importance and the diseases they carry.

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Whether your goal is reducing vector-borne diseases or managing nuisance insects, Valent BioSciences can help. See how our solutions help you achieve the desired control while minimizings risks to other organisms. Find the right formulations to match your application needs. Learn how our Bti solutions can help you prevent resistance and restore susceptibility.

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We’re on the cutting-edge of biorational solutions, working hard to identify, develop, register, and introduce new biorational products that serve the needs of our customers around the world. See how Valent BioSciences can help your agriculture, public health, or forest health needs.

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As a global leader in public health vector control, we have been working for decades to develop the most comprehensive range of target-specific biorational solutions for public health professionals who protect people around the world against vector-borne disease and nuisance insects. Together, in global partnership, we can achieve our true potential.

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