Multi-Micronutrient Bionutrition

MicroBlend™ Zn-Mn-Cu

MicroBlend™ Zn-Mn-Cu is a premium zinc, manganese, copper, and sulfur bionutrition product formulated with complexed organic matter (COM) and nutrient chelators.

  • Provides nutrients essential for maximum canopy function to support high yields
  • Supports plant immune system for natural disease resistance
  • Supports nitrogen metabolism and lignin strength

MicroBlend™ Soil Zn-Mn-Cu

Soil-applied, multi-micronutrient product with chelated zinc, manganese, copper, and sulfur

MicroBlend™ Foliar Zn-Mn-Cu

Foliar-applied, multi-micronutrient product with zinc, manganese, copper, and sulfur complexed with sugars and organic acids to improve cuticle penetration and plant mobility

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