Phosphate Bionutrition Product with Molybdenum


Phosron® bionutrition is a premium high analysis phosphate product with zinc and molybdenum that enhances the ability of crops to take up nutrients and store energy. The unique formulation keeps phosphorus soluble and available, even during adverse conditions such as high pH, calcareous soils, and poor water quality.

  • Increases energy conversion to improve early season growth
  • Improves cell division, cell membrane function, and ATP production
  • Incorporates crystal-disruption technology that eliminates scaling and plugging that is formed when applying phosphorus with high calcium irrigation waters

Phosron® Soil

Soil-applied high-analysis phosphate bionutrition product

Phosron® Foliar

Foliar-applied highly available phosphate bionutrition product

Key Crops


Wine Grapes



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