Gibberellic Acid 3

Proliant® Plant Growth Regulator

Proliant® Plant Growth Regulator is a gibberellic acid (GA3) that is highly effective in providing enhanced early growth in corn. GA3 is a naturally occurring compound in plants that promotes cell division, expansion, and elongation.

  • Enhanced early ear, vegetative, and root growth in corn through enhanced cell division and cell elongation for a stronger, more stress-tolerant crop with increased capacity for greater yields
  • A spring application of Proliant can start pasture grass growth in cold temperatures 2-3 weeks earlier than if left untreated
  • At the end of the grazing season, Proliant can extend the season by promoting the growth of pasture grass by an extra two to three weeks as temperatures decline

Increase corn and pasture grass yield

Proliant creates a stronger, more stress-tolerant corn crop with increased capacity for greater yields. For pasture grass, Proliant increases forage production under cool conditions, resulting in more hay, silage, or green chop at harvest.

Extend grazing season for pasture grass

A spring application of Proliant can “wake up” pasture grass and start its growth in cold temperatures 2-3 weeks earlier. Proliant also extends the grazing season at the end of the season as temperatures decline.

Experience flexibility in application

The V2–V5 stage application timing for Proliant allows it to be used in a tank mix with standard applications of some herbicides, fungicides, and/or non-phytotoxic fertilizers.

Key Crops


Pasture Grass

Silage Corn


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