Zinc Bionutrition


Zicron® bionutrition promotes early season growth, disease resistance, photosynthetic capacity, and bud fruitfulness. Formulated with complexed organic matter (COM) and nutrient chelators, Zicron reduces binding proteins and tie-ups for increased mobility and movement of nutrients to the growing points.

  • Improves synthesis of important enzymes that are crucial for early season growth, active growing tips, and leaf enlargement
  • Manganese addresses the deficiency common alongside zinc deficiencies
  • Increases protein and carbohydrate production
  • Mitigates abiotic stress and optimizes antioxidant production

Zicron® Soil

Soil-applied zinc and manganese product chelated with organic acids for improved uptake and reduced tie-ups in the soil

Zicron® Foliar

Foliar-applied zinc and manganese product for improved foliar uptake and movement within the plant

FBS Organics® Zicron®

Chelated soil- and foliar-applied zinc and manganese product for use in organic production

ZiCAN Soil®

The performance of Zicron, optimized for compatibility with calcium nitrate fertilizers

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