Osage Plant

In April of 2011, Valent BioSciences Corporation (VBC) announced the construction of a new state-of-the-art, $150 million biorational manufacturing facility in Osage, Iowa. Completed in June of 2014, the new 130,000 square-foot facility is the largest purpose-built biorational product facility in the world and brought an estimated 400 temporary and 89 permanent jobs to Osage. For a list of open positions at Osage, visit our Careers page.

The Osage Plant was built to accommodate the significant growth of VBC and demand for its products around the world. Osage will supply the majority of VBC products derived from fermentation using locally grown raw materials such as corn and soybeans. VBC’s product portfolio includes microbial products for agriculture, public health, and forestry as well as plant growth regulators for use in high value and row crops.

VBC’s commitment to quality control played a key role in its decision to invest in the new facility. Through stepwise monitoring and in-process testing done at Osage, VBC works throughout the manufacturing process to ensure all product perform consistently and at a high level.

Osage Facility Facts

  • Funding Requirement approximately $150 million
  • Middough was the architecture and engineering firm used for this project
  • Gilbane Building Company was the construction management firm for this project
  • Located on 73 acres, east of A to Z Drying
  • 130,000 square feet of enclosed area
  • Key functions of the plant includes fermentation, downstream processing: centrifugation, evaporation, extraction, crystallization and drying

Key areas within the facility:

  • Insectary
  • QC Analytical Testing Laboratories
  • Shipping and receiving facilities
  • Inoculum preparation laboratory
  • Media preparation and sterilization area Chemical and physical testing laboratory
  • Bioassay laboratory
  • Raw material and finished goods warehousing
  • Administrative offices and conference rooms

Project Milestones

  • Began Detail Design – April 2011
  • Project Announcement – April 2011
  • Groundbreaking – March 2012
  • Begin Construction – October 2012
  • Laboratories online – January 2014
  • Complete Construction – June 2014
osage exterior
High Performance Liquid Chromatography, or HPLC, is used to quantify the potency of many products to ensure that VBC is meeting its high standards for quality and purity.