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The Science of Specificity

Humans have fought insects for centuries — but sometimes with tools that didn’t reflect the fragile nature of our planet. While disease-carrying insects were the targets, other organisms were also affected — beneficial insects, fish, birds, and other wildlife.

From our very beginnings, the fabric of our research efforts has been built upon looking deep inside the mechanisms of life to reveal the benefits of cooperating with nature.

Through that process, we’ve found some powerful allies:

  • Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti), strain AM65-52 and strain SA3A, naturally occurring soil bacteria
  • Bacillus sphaericus 2362, strain ABTS-1743 (Bs), a naturally occurring soil bacterium
  • (S)-methoprene, a juvenile hormone analog of mosquitoes

By formulating these substances into effective formulations, Valent BioSciences is able to deliver target-specific, biorational solutions that achieve the desired insect control while minimizing risks to other organisms and the environment.

VectoBac (Bti strain AM65-52) helps more people stay healthy and enjoy quality of life in more communities around the world than any other biorational larvicide. Learn More

VectoPrime combines Bti (strain AM65-52) with (S)-methoprene to offer the industry’s widest single-brood application window (1st to 4th instar, or pre-flood) with the industry’s lowest rates for direct application to water. Learn More

Teknar (Bti, strain SA3A) provides effective, selective, and environmentally sound control for mosquito larvae. Learn More

VectoLex (Bs 2362 strain ABTS-1743) helps control mosquito populations in polluted waters with the industry’s most target-specific microbial larvicide for residual control of West Nile virus vectors. Learn More

Through its advanced BioFuseTM technology, VectoMax combines the attributes of VectoBac (Bti, strain AM65-52) and VectoLex (Bs 2362, strain ABTS-1743) to provide quick-acting, long-lasting, broad-spectrum mosquito control in a variety of habitats. Learn More

Through its advanced Triple Release TechnologyTM, MetaLarv S-PT (S-methoprene) can be applied prior to flooding and offers exceptional immediate and residual control. The unique spherical pellet is virtually dust-free and allows for advanced aerial ballistics for greater application flexibility. Learn More

Bactimos PT (Bti, strain AM65-52) is the industry’s most target-specific biorational for non-biting midge control. Learn More

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