The Role of Biorationals

Valent BioSciences’ biorationals are an effective alternative to conventional pesticides and antimicrobials. With the power of biorationals, we can shape the future of our agricultural systems, public health, and the health of our forests.


What are biorationals?

Biorationals are low-impact substances or products that are typically biologically derived. If biorationals are synthetic, they are structurally similar and functionally identical to biologically occurring material.

Biorationals include biopesticides and non-pesticidal products that have multiple uses, including crop stress management, enhanced plant physiology benefits, root growth management, and postharvest, or as an alternative control agent to traditional pesticides and antimicrobials.

Source: ASTM April 2013.

Crop Protection

Protect crops from injury.
Promote physiological characteristics that enhance marketability.
Help manage resistance to other important crop protection tools.
Assist growers as they manage harvest intervals and pesticide residue levels.
Target pests that are detrimental to public health and forest health.

Biorationals’ Effects on Crop Quality

Valent BioSciences employees

The key to agricultural systems that are both sustainable and productive? Biorationals. Valent BioSciences’ agricultural-focused products result in increased yield, higher packout, a greater percentage of higher-grade fruits or vegetables at harvest, and extended shelf life.

Our end-to-end solutions instill trust and value up and down the food chain—from growers all the way to consumers.

Biorationals for tomorrow and beyond

Consumers today are more aware than ever of the quality of food they eat, the water they drink, and the air they breathe. At Valent BioSciences, we’re creating end-to-end biorational solutions that place an equal emphasis on efficiency and sustainability—ensuring value for you and your customers.