Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

MycoApply® EndoMaxx®

MycoApply® EndoMaxx® mycorrhizal inoculant is a dry formulation containing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi designed for drip, broadcast, or drench application on vegetable, tree, and vine crops in organic production.

  • Concentrated dry formulation means less formulated product per acre is needed, reducing product handling, and it offers a two-year shelf life from date of manufacture for use beyond one season
  • Organic formulation can be used in certified organic productions, providing confidence since the formulation is certified by OMRI and OIM
  • Application versatility allows for drench, broadcast, or drip applications, easily integrating into existing crop management practices
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Formulation Advantages

The concentrated formulation of EndoMaxx reduces handling time for application, and since its shelf stable for two years, it can be used over multiple cropping seasons, reducing shelf life concerns often associated with biological products.

Designed for Organic Production

This formulation of EndoMaxx was specifically designed to deliver the benefits of MycoApply to organic growers. It is approved for use by both OMRI and OIM and delivers the same MycoApply benefits found in our formulations for conventional systems.

Application Flexibility

EndoMaxx is adapted to many different types of application equipment, including injection with drip irrigation and chemigation systems so that it can be seamlessly incorporated into existing management practices for ease of use.

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Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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