1-Naphthaleneacetic Acid

PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator

PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator contains 1-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) to assist pome fruit growers with apple and pear thinning, apple and pear harvest management and return bloom in apples. The active ingredient is a synthetic auxin that regulates the abscission process in plants to help control both thinning and fruit retention.

  • Early in the season, if enhanced overall thinning response is required, PoMaxa can be tank-mixed at reduced rates with other thinning agents such as MaxCel® Plant Growth Regulator, carbaryl, or surfactants.
  • Later in the season, PoMaxa can be used alone or in a program with ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator for drop control to maximize harvest management potential
  • PoMaxa can also be used to enhance return bloom in biennial bearing cultivars, leading to consistent annual production

Use with other Valent BioSciences plant growth regulators

PoMaxa was developed specifically for use in a program with Valent BioSciences' plant growth regulators MaxCel and ReTain, both industry standards in the production of high-quality pome fruit.

Achieve effective harvest management

A program utilizing both ReTain and PoMaxa increases drop control without sacrificing storage quality.

Thin fruits effectively

PoMaxa can be used with or without MaxCel in an apple or pear thinning program.

Promote return bloom

PoMaxa promotes return bloom in many biennial bearing cultivars including but not limited to Fuji, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Mutsu, and Braeburn.

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