6-Benzyladenine Gibberellic Acid 4 and 7

Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator

Promalin is a mixture of gibberellic acid 4 and 7 (GA4+7) and 6-benzyladenine (6-BA), plant growth regulators responsible for cell enlargement, elongation, and cell division. Promalin provides many benefits for apple growers, depending on when it is applied.
  • During bloom, it improves fruit shape, making apples elongated or “typy”, a desired quality in several varieties, especially Red Delicious and Gala
  • Applied from late boom to 40 days after bloom, Promalin improves fruit size and finish, including russet control
  • Used after frost events, Promalin can help set fruit that would otherwise fall off
  • In nursery trees, Promalin increases branching
  • In pears, Promalin improves fruit set, increasing yields
Improved fruit quality

Consistently improves fruit finish with lower incidence of russeting and cracking.

Harvest management

Increased apple yield by 6% on average and shifted sizing category by one-half to one size.

Multifaceted product

One product with various uses and benefits for growers.

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