Gibberellic Acid 4 and 7

ProVide® Plant Growth Regulator

ProVide, also known as Regulex™ Plant Growth Regulator in some regions, is the only water-soluble granule formulation of the gibberellic acid 4 and 7 (GA4+7 ) combination in the market that increases marketability of apples and pears. It improves fruit quality by suppressing russeting, an important physiological disorder of fruit skin in apples.

  • Prevents fruit russeting and cracking, improving fruit finish and packout
  • Improves fruit set in pears, increasing yields

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Improved fruit finish

ProVide reduces russeting and other physiological skin disorders such as flecking and scarf skin.

Easy to apply

ProVide 10SG is the only water-soluble granule formulation of the GA4+7 combination in its market. Additionally, ProVide is fast-dissolving and dust-free.

Exceptionally stable

ProVide provides growers with longer shelf life than liquid formulations. It’s also easy to transport and has a great handling and safety profile.

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