ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator

ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator is a naturally occurring fermentation product containing aminoethoxyglycine (AVG) that temporarily inhibits the production of ethylene, which slows the fruit maturation process.  ReTain is the premier orchard and harvest management tool to help growers prevent fruit drop, improve quality, manage harvest, and reduce cost of labor.

Fruit set improvement

  • Extends flower longevity and the pollination period to increase opportunities for successful crop load potential
  • Helps maintain inactivity of the flower/fruit abscission zone, increasing fruit set

Harvest Management

  • Delays fruit maturation, allowing growers to shift their harvest window
  • Reduces fruit drop, promoting higher yields
  • Promotes more uniform fruit ripening, allowing growers to harvest with fewer picks and simplifying harvest
  • Optimizes fruit size and enhances fruit quality to help deliver enhanced fruit marketability
  • Improves packout and storage potential by reducing physiological disorders at harvest and in storage

Optimize harvest management

By extending the harvest window, ReTain provides more flexibility with labor management.

Protect against fruit drop

Applying ReTain four weeks before apple or pear harvest provides maximum protection against accelerated fruit drop, especially valuable when unfavorable conditions happen prior to harvest.

Maintain fruit firmness

ReTain improves fruit quality by maintaining fruit firmness. It also enhances storage and market shelf life potential.

Reduce watercore and stem-bowl cracking

Applying ReTain one month before harvest significantly reduces the incidence of watercore and stem-bowl cracking, leading to improved packout and quality.

Key Crops


Tree Nuts


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Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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