Bacillus thuringiensis aizawai Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki

Sympatico™ Biological Insecticide

Sympatico is an innovative combination of the two most effective Bt strains, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki strain VBTS-2456 and subsp. aizawai strain ABTS-1857, providing the broadest range of Cry-proteins available for outstanding caterpillar control in broadacre crops.

  • Combination of the two most effective Bts available for caterpillar control
  • Broadest range of Cry-proteins available (6 different proteins!)
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation specially developed for broadacre crops
  • Fast-acting mode of action stops feeding within minutes
  • Exempt from residue tolerance with a 0-day pre-harvest interval (PHI ) and 4-hour re-entry interval (REI), making it harvest- and export-ready (always follow local labels and guidelines)

Patented formulation

Sympatico has a patented formulation that ensures every bite a caterpillar takes will include all 6 potent insecticidal proteins. Tank mixing just isn’t the same.

More modes of action than any other Bt product

Having 6 unique insecticidal proteins means Sympatico has broad efficacy against almost all caterpillar pests as well as enhanced control of difficult to control Lepidoptera, like diamondback moth and armyworms.

A sustainable technology for modern farming

Sympatico offers reliable control of caterpillar pests, doesn’t affect beneficial insects (like bees) or the environment, and can be applied right up till the time of harvest (always follow label instructions).

Key Crops

Chinese Kale
Oil Palm


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Please contact your local distributor for more information.
Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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