Optimize Crop Productivity and Your Bottom Line with MycoApply® Technology!

As biological products become more popular, it can be difficult to figure out what options are right for your operation. If you’re looking to mitigate stress and improve overall plant productivity, you’re faced with plenty of products that claim to help but may not have a defined mode of action

When it comes to plant stress and productivity, MycoApply® is proven to help you control unexpected variables that arise—all season long.

What is MycoApply technology?

  • A novel biological inoculant that optimizes plant productivity, mitigates plant stress, and improves long-term soil health
  • MycoApply technology contains arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) that are scientifically selected for use in different soils, environments, and agricultural cropping systems to enhance critical plant functions throughout the crop cycle
  • Several formulations are available for specific application methods

How does MycoApply technology Work?

  • MycoApply is comprised of AMF that form a symbiotic relationship with the plant and grow hyphae into the surrounding soils
  • The hyphal network expands the plant’s area of absorption up to 50 times
  • The hyphal network improves nutrient acquisition and efficiency, optimizing fertilizer availability and plant productivity
  • The hyphal network enhances water acquisition and retention and mitigates abiotic stress that causes reduced crop productivity
  • The hyphae produce a substance called glomalin, which contributes to the formation of stable soil aggregates that improve water infiltration, water-holding capacity, and enhance soil carbon sequestration

In-Furrow, 2×2

A liquid, suspension concentrate that is compatible with pop-up liquid fertilizers for soil application in row crops

Drip & Drench

A liquid suspension concentrate and powder formulation designed for drip, broadcast, or drench application on vegetable, tree, and vine crops

Seed Treatment

A liquid suspension concentrate formulation for seed treatment


All powder formulations are approved for use in organic production

To find out if MycoApply is available in your region, check out our Where to Buy map.

For U.S. customers, find our MycoApply technology in our Symvado portfolio or read up on how to Combat Crop Stress with Symvado.