ProVide® Delivers the Ultimate Russet Control Solution

Ideal for application on apples and pears.

Available for use in both conventional and organic production, ProVide’s benefits include:

  • Russet prevention and fruit cracking suppression
    • Improved fruit finish
    • Improved packout

Active Ingredients
The active ingredients in ProVide and Regulex® 10SG are a mixture of the gibberellins A4 and A7 (GA4+7). Gibberellins are plant hormones commercially known for reducing the incidence of russeting and cracking by improving cell wall elasticity and cell elongation.

How ProVide Changed the Game
ProVide and Regulex were the first pure GA4+7 products for russet control to be commercialized in the U.S. and Europe. ProVide was first introduced in the U.S. in 1987 as a liquid formulation by the Agricultural Products Division of Abbott Laboratories (now Valent BioSciences). In Europe, the product was launched under the Regulex brand name.


Russeting is an important peel defect in many apple varieties. It is a physiological disorder of the fruit skin or a peel defect that results from microcracks in the cuticle and the subsequent formation of wounds in the periderm or skin of the apple.

Russeted fruit is subject to reduced market value. From a fresh-market perspective, it has an undesirable appearance. From a post-harvest perspective, it may show mild to severe shrivel due to moisture loss during storage. Apple varieties differ in their susceptibility to russeting, and fruit in early stages of development are more susceptible than those in later stages. Golden Delicious and Gala are examples of varieties that are prone to developing russeting.

RegulexEarly-season applications of ProVide help reduce russeting and improve overall fruit finish by increasing the epidermal cell density in the skin. ProVide and Regulex help control russeting caused by factors such as stress conditions during early fruit growth and environmental conditions such as extended periods of high humidity and surface wetness and cool weather during spring.

Game-Changing Solution
ProVide and Regulex were launched as a complement to Promalin® in markets that experience significant russeting issues. These products were game-changing for this unmet need. Their use increased packout substantially, from 30-40% to 70-80% packout, providing increased marketability and profitability for growers.

In South Africa, for instance, environmental conditions in the country are particularly conducive to significant russet development on Golden Delicious. Regulex is the ideal product for their needs, and quickly became a standard application for russet control. In fact, ProVide and Regulex have become a staple around the world for apple growers.

Superior Formulation Quality
While the first formulation was a liquid, a soluble granule formulation was developed using technology created for the ProGibb® 40% formulation. The formulations team at Valent BioSciences was able to translate this technology to introduce ProVide and Regulex as a 10-percent soluble granule.

The granule formulation is organic, easy to use, and water-solvent, allowing it to dissolve instantly so plants can uptake the product immediately. The formulation is produced by fermentation and provides increased efficiency and decreased waste from manufacturing to application. Because of its stable form, it has a longer shelf life compared to other liquid formulations. All of these features demonstrate the superior quality of the granule formulation.

As markets evolve, Valent BioSciences continues to solve unmet needs utilizing ProVide and Regulex for new varieties, uses, and crops, such as fruit set use on pears. It’s no surprise that ProVide and Regulex have become an integral part of a standard application program and that Valent BioSciences continues to explore new opportunities for this game-changing product.