RyzUp® Is the Popular Choice for Bananas and Pineapples

Ideal for application on bananas and pineapples.

Offered in a highly concentrated and ultra-soluble patented formulation, RyzUp® 40SG:

  • Extends post-harvest green life in bananas
  • Overcomes stress caused by adverse conditions in bananas
  • Shortens time to harvest in new banana plantations
  • Increases fruit size and decreases translucency in pineapples

Active Ingredients
RyzUp contains the plant growth regulator gibberellic acid (GA3), which plays a role in many plant processes, including fruit growth and development, ripening, and stress responses.

How RyzUp Changed the Game
After they are harvested, bananas undergo a three-to-six-week journey from the field to supermarkets and, ultimately, residences, before they are consumed. To successfully make this long journey, bananas are exported while they’re still green to extend their postharvest life and ripen shortly before arriving at the supermarket.

Bananas must stay green between the time they are harvested and when they arrive at the market to assure proper shelf life and to facilitate a consistent volume of fruit at the supermarket. However, bananas are very susceptible to premature ripening and quality loss during transport to market. Disadvantageous growing conditions such as low temperatures, low light intensity, floods or drought, presence of foliar diseases, or other stresses can trigger earlier fruit ripening than desired. These effects can cause significant fruit and economic losses for growers.

Delaying Ripening of Bananas
In 1969, it was discovered that postharvest application of GA3 delayed ripening of banana fruit tissue. During the 1990s, Valent BioSciences (formerly the Agricultural Products Division of Abbott Laboratories), in cooperation with international fruit companies, commercially developed postharvest application of GA3 for delaying banana ripening.

This use helped ensure that bananas remained green and didn’t ripen prematurely, even during shipment to distant markets. In 2003, Valent BioSciences developed the novel water-soluble granule RyzUp 40SG as a convenient and stable dry formulation of gibberellic acid. RyzUp 40SG is OMRI Listed and exempt from tolerances around the world, as gibberellic acid is a natural compound that is consumed daily as part of a normal diet.

Benefits for Both Bananas and Pineapples
RyzUp helps delay natural ripening and maintains the quality of bananas for a prolonged period of time. Because of this, the percentage of marketable fruit after transport is increased, helping growers maximize their productivity and preventing food waste.

In pineapples, RyzUp enhances the overall size of the fruit. In addition, it decreases translucency, which is one of the most significant issues impacting pineapple quality in certain seasons of the year when the transition from dry to rainy season occurs or vice versa. For pineapple growers, this can mean loss of productivity, increased costs, and the necessity of selling their fruit at a lower price. 

RyzUp has been an effective tool for banana and pineapple growers alike for many years. While it is another significant advancement from Valent BioSciences, the company continues to enhance the product in order to benefit both today’s growers and those in future generations.