Why Work With Us?

For over half a century, VBC has been building its reputation as the preeminent expert in identifying new uses for biorational technologies and successfully developing, registering, and launching products based on those innovations.  Business partnerships have played a key role in the development of VBC’s industry-leading portfolio of biorational solutions for agriculture, forestry, and public health. Our critical mass, flexibility, and global market presence make VBC an exciting and easy partner to work with.

We engage thoroughly with owners of innovative technology throughout the development process, fully leveraging VBC’s specific capabilities to identify and achieve the maximum potential for each opportunity.

Our business development partners typically include:

  • Owners of new technology
  • Start-ups
  • Small companies in need of development and/or distribution partners
  • Universities (tech transfer offices)
  • Owners of commercial products (potential marketing partners, licensors for potential mixture products)
  • Regional companies in need of distribution partners for specific territories
  • Multinationals looking to leverage specific assets via a focused partner
  • Owners of companies considering divestment
  • Advisors to such companies