BioNik® plant growth regulator is a 25% formulation of s-abscisic acid (s-ABA) tailored for hybrid seed corn production. S-ABA is one of the five classes of plant growth regulators naturally present in plants, and controls numerous plant growth processes including dormancy, fruit ripening, fruit set, fruit coloring, abscission, germination, and response to stress conditions.

Specifically, BioNik delays germination on male inbred lines, widening the pollen shed window and ultimately maximizing the “nicking zone” (improved synchronizing of pollen shedding of male flowers and female silks). It also effectively increases the amount of pollen shed by the males.

In hybrid seed production, it is common for growers to make two plantings of male plants three to five days apart in order to maximize the overlap between pollen shed and silking. With BioNik, growers may opt to make a single planting, properly proportioned with both untreated and BioNik-treated seed. In other scenarios, seed corn growers may proceed with a split planting but may treat a portion of one or both plantings with BioNik in order to minimize risk and blanket the silking period.

The application rate for BioNik is highly specific to each individual male inbred. Once the inbred response is determined (characterized), BioNik can be applied at different rates to obtain the desired level of delay.

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.

BioNik Effect Chart
BioNik delays germination of male inbred lines, optimizing the "nicking zone" for greater flexibility and reduced risk.

BioNik delays germination of male inbred lines and extends the pollen shed window.

BioNik treated
Single planting date of a typical male inbred: untreated (left), BioNik treated (right)
Untreated Control
Pollen shed from single or split plantings of male inbred lines in seed corn fail to fully cover the female silking period, resulting in less-than-optimal yields.


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