Apple treated with NAA plant growth regulator Regulex


PoMaxa® is a potent auxin-based plant growth regulator to assist pome fruit growers with apple and pear thinning, apple and pear harvest management and return bloom in apples.

The active ingredient is 1-napthaleneacetic acid (NAA), a synthetic auxin that regulates the abscission process in plants to help control both thinning and fruit retention. PoMaxa was developed specifically for use in a program with VBC plant growth regulators MaxCel® and ReTain®, both industry standards in the production of high quality pome fruit.

PoMaxa can be used with MaxCel on some varieties in early-season applications to thin the crop and improve fruit size and enhance return bloom. Later in the season, PoMaxa can be used with ReTain to optimize harvest management without sacrificing fruit quality or storageability. PoMaxa is convenient for growers because one formulation offers multiple uses.

PoMaxa for Apple and Pear Thinning

PoMaxa can be used with or without MaxCel in an apple or pear thinning program. Response varies depending on several factors including cultivar, tree health, weather and other environmental conditions.

PoMaxa for Apple and Pear Harvest Management

A program utilizing both ReTain and PoMaxa increases drop control without sacrificing storage quality. Growers use a full rate of ReTain and then vary the amount of PoMaxa to achieve the desired results. Use higher rates of PoMaxa with large, vigorous trees with high fruit set and lower rates with smaller, less vigorous trees with lower fruit set.

A thinning program featuring MaxCel and PoMaxa results in bigger fruit and less fruit per cluster.
A program using ReTain and PoMaxa is more effective in countering fruit drop than either product alone.

PoMaxa for Apple Return Bloom

PoMaxa promotes return bloom in many biennial bearing cultivars including but not limited to Fuji, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Mutsu, and Braeburn. PoMaxa is particularly effective for use on young trees.

Always read and follow label instructions when using any VBC product.