Cherries treated with gibberellic acid (GA) plant growth regulator ProGibb


ProGibb® is a gibberellic acid (GA3) plant growth regulator product. GA3 is found naturally in virtually all plant species. It is a highly effective growth promoter – increasing size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops, essential for optimum growth and development. GA3 also plays a role in the regulation of other plant processes such as flowering, seed germination, dormancy, and senescence. ProGibb is used in many crops to improve crop quality and value.

Registered in 1962, ProGibb is the most widely used GA3 product in the world. Registered crops and uses include:

ProGibb Grapes

Artichokes – Accelerates maturity and increases yield

Blueberry – Improves fruit set and fruit size

Banana – Stimulates plant growth and reduces the effects of stress. Maintains fruit quality when applied post-harvest.

Carrots – Helps maintain foliage growth during periods of stress

Celery – Increases plant height and yield

Cherries – Increases fruit size, firmness and quality. Delays maturity for a more orderly harvest

Citrus – Increases fruit set and yield. Delays rind aging. Reduces physiological disorders. Delays maturity for a more orderly harvest

Collard Greens – Facilitates harvest, increases yield and improves quality

Cotton – Promotes early season growth and increase seedling vigor

Cucumber – Stimulates fruit set during periods of cool weather

Grapes – Elongates and loosens clusters to enhance air circulation and light penetration. Decreases berry set to reduce thinning cost. Increases berry size and quality

Melon – Stimulates fruit set during periods of cool weather

Pecan – Extends leaf retention and maintains green foliage

Peppers – Increases fruit set and promotes early season growth

Pineapple – Improves fruit size and uniformity of harvest maturity

Rice – Promotes panicle exertion, which improves pollination and yield. Increases tillering of the ratoon crop

ProGibb 40 percent advanced formulation
ProGibb 40% is an advanced formulation that increases berry size and fruit quality due to superior uptake and absorption.

Rhubarb – Helps break dormancy on plants receiving insufficient chilling and increases marketable yield of forced rhubarb

Spinach – Facilitates harvest, increases yield and improves quality

Stone Fruit – Reduces flowering and fruiting in young stone fruit trees. Improves fruit quality in bearing stone fruit

Strawberry – Increases runner production in mother plants.

Watercress – Enhances growth during periods of adverse weather.


ProGibb 40SG is a state of the art water soluble granule. With 40% active ingredient, it is the most concentrated GA3 product form on the market. Non-dusty, it flows easily and dissolves instantly. With an excellent stability profile, this formulation is easy to handle, transport, and store – plus, convenient premeasured packaging makes it easy to use. ProGibb 40SG offers superior uptake and absorption into plants.

ProGibb 10 features an advanced formulation that provides superior solubility.

ProGibb is also available in a 4% liquid formulation and as ProGibb Plus 2X, a soluble powder formulation (20% water soluble powder).

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.


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