Apple treated with gibberellic acid (GA) and 6-BA plant growth regulator Promalin


Promalin® is a mixture of two naturally occurring plant growth regulators: gibberellic acid 4 and 7 (GA4+7), which cause cell enlargement and elongation, and 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) which promotes cell division.

Promalin has a number of effects in apples, depending on when it is applied. During bloom it improves fruit shape, making apples elongated or “typy”, a desired quality in a number of varieties, especially Red Delicious and Gala. Applied from late boom to 40 days after bloom, Promalin improves fruit size and finish (russet control). Used after frost events, Promalin can set fruit that would otherwise fall off. Finally, Promalin increases branching in nursery trees. In Europe, where typy apples are not desired, an application to increase fruit size and improve fruit finish is used.

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.

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