ReTain® plant growth regulator contains aminoethoxyvinylglycine (HCL), a naturally occurring substance that temporarily inhibits ethylene production. Ethylene affects plant processes such as fruit set, maturation, ripening, and abscission. By inhibiting the production of ethylene in developing fruit, the entire maturing process is slowed.

ReTain is the premier harvest management tool on the market, extending harvest time and allowing growers to harvest with fewer pickers, while the fruit matures to optimal size, color, and condition. Applying ReTain four weeks before apple or pear harvest provides maximum protection against accelerated fruit drop, especially valuable when unfavorable weather such as high wind, excessive heat, or drought occurs prior to harvest. Slowing drop also allows apples to reach their maximum size. Additionally, ReTain reduces watercore and stem bowl cracking, ensuring improved packout and fruit quality.  ReTain slows the maturation process, helping more fruit to have optimum quality going into and coming out of storage.

ReTain Chart
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ReTain Treated vs Untreated Golden Delicious
ReTain Treated vs Untreated Golden Delicious

ReTain affects different cultivars, often raised under different growing conditions, in slightly varied ways. Valent BioSciences offers detailed production guidelines for ReTain use for each crop type and situation.

In walnuts, ReTain blocks the production of ethylene as well. That’s helpful because ethylene causes Pistillate Flower Abscission (PFA) during bloom – a condition that can lead to reduced fruit set and low yields. ReTain consistently increases yield in walnut orchards that suffer from low nut set due to PFA.

In stone fruit, ReTain applied a few weeks prior to harvest can improve harvest management by allowing peaches and nectarines to develop excellent flavor without becoming soft and dropping prematurely. Slowing drop also allows stone fruit to continue to increase in size. In varieties prone to soft tip, ReTain applied two weeks prior to harvest can help reduce the condition.

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