RyzUp Smart Grass

RyzUp SmartGrass

RyzUp® SmartGrass is an advanced formulation of the naturally occurring plant growth regulator gibberellic acid (GA3). RyzUp SmartGrass® is currently registered for use on corn and pasture grass.

RyzUp SmartGrass on Corn

RyzUp SmartGrass is registered in the U.S. for use on corn. RyzUp SmartGrass enhances early ear, vegetative and root growth through enhanced cell division and cell elongation for a stronger, more stress tolerant crop with increased capacity for greater yields. In 2012, use of RyzUp SmartGrass resulted in an average yield increase of 11.7 Bu/A in replicated university trials and 9.5 Bu/A in commercial field trials.

RyzUp SmartGrass provides growers with flexibility in application. The V2 – V5 stage application timing for RyzUp SmartGrass allows it to be used in a tank mix with standard applications of Roundup®; Herbicide, Domark®; Fungicide and/or non-phytotoxic fertilizers in a conventional production system.

RyZup Smartgrass
RyZup Smartgrass Chart
RyzUp SmartGrass is OMRI® approved for use in organic production

RyzUp SmartGrass on Pasture Grass

Another relatively new use of plant growth regulators is on pasture grass. In a relatively short amount of time, RyzUp SmartGrass has begun changing producers’ methods of grazing their cattle. A spring application of RyzUp SmartGrass can “wake up” pasture grass and start its growth in cold temperatures 2-3 weeks earlier than if left untreated. Instead of keeping cattle several more weeks in the barn, a producer can put them out to pasture and reduce feeding costs.

RyzUp SmartGrass gives ranchers and dairy farmers a boost by getting pasture grass up sooner and keeping it green longer, reducing feed costs.

In a similar fashion, RyzUp SmartGrass also extends the grazing season at the end of the season, promoting the growth of pasture grass by an extra two to three weeks as temperatures decline. That fall growth can really pay off, especially in a winter when there’s not too much snow, as the cattle can continue feeding on the fall pasture grass growth stimulated by RyzUp SmartGrass. RyzUp SmartGrass not only increases yields of pasture grass, but it increases yield when ranchers wouldn’t ordinarily see it, in the early spring and late fall.

A number of grasses respond well to RyzUp SmartGrass including:

  • Cereal rye (Secale cereal)
  • Oats
  • Annual ryegrass/Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)
  • Bromegrass (Bromus sp.)
  • Perennial ryegrass (lolium perenne)
  • Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis)
  • Orchardgrass/Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata)
  • Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacae)
  • In mixed pastures, broadleaf species such as alfalfa and clover will also respond.

RyzUp SmartGrass Grazier Benefits

  • Lower feed costs
  • Less manure handling
  • Reduced housing costs
  • Improved livestock health
  • Longer silage season
  • More cuttings of high quality hay


SmartGrass 40WSG is a patented water soluble granule.

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.


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