Quality in Manufacturing

Valent BioSciences Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Quality assurance, the consistent field performance of our products, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. VBC products are manufactured using a proprietary fermentation process and post-fermentation product recovery techniques that VBC has been perfecting for more than forty years.

VBC fermentation is a multi-day process that has its roots in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Each batch is worked into a slurry concentrate by micro-filtration, evaporation, centrifuge, or a combination of techniques. The slurry is then dried and milled to form the technical powder, which provides the active ingredients for our formulations. Stringent in-process monitoring and product testing ensure product performance and consistency.

Sophisticated management of several key variables results in the quality and dependability of our finished products:

  • Strain and culture purity (microbials)
  • Type and concentration of raw materials
  • Method of feed
  • Sterilization of lines and tanks
  • Sterilization of growth media
  • Continuous monitoring of oxygen level
  • Continuous monitoring of pH
  • Continuous monitoring of pressure and temperature
  • Cycle time
  • Frequency of in-process sampling
  • Quality of intentionally-added inerts ingredients (surfactants, buffers, spreaders, stickers)
VBC finished products exhibit superior stability and shelf life. They can retain full potency in storage for years, even in tropical climates and in storage facilities lacking controlled conditions. VBC’s expert team of formulation scientists focuses on bringing formulations to market with a variety of characteristics desirable and beneficial for growers, crop advisors, retailers, and distributors. All new formulations are extensively field tested in order to ensure the highest degree of efficacy and crop safety before bringing products to market. VBC has a proven history of performance in this area.