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Why Use DiPel® and XenTari®

DiPel® and XenTari® biological insecticides offer a unique set of benefits positioned to meet the demands of a changing market. VBC Bt products are ideals tool for the grower focused on preserving crop quality through a sustainable and integrated insect management program.

Highly Effective Control of Lepidopteran Pests
Proven control of caterpillar pests is the single most important quality of DiPel and XenTari biological insecticides. Used properly, VBC Ag Microbial products perform on par with the leading conventional insecticides. When ingested, the powerful protein toxins resident in DiPel and XenTari bind to the midgut of target larvae, causing an immediate cessation in feeding, cell death, and ultimately starvation and death of the pest. Not all Bt products are created equally, however. VBC Bt products undergo stringent in-process testing to ensure consistent, reliable performance in the field.

Resistance Management Benefits
Strategic application of biorationals at certain points in the cropping cycle is both sensible and economical. Because of their complex and multiple modes of action, DiPel and XenTari are cornerstones in resistancemanagement programs around the world. Rotation of chemistries is a primary means to combat resistance. Proper use of DiPel and XenTari can help gr XenTari have low-to-no toxicity to birds, fish, or bees, and help maintain beneficial predator insects. Early in the season, conventional chemistries may have the undesirable effect of reducing beneficial populations. Since Bt activity is limited to lepidopteran pests, secondary pest problems can also be avoided by the use of Bt in an integrated program. The efficacy of premium Bt products is highly selective and limited to specific species of caterpillars, beetles, and mosquitoes, depending on the product.

Each batch of DiPel and XenTari is tested on over 2000 lepidopteran larvae at various stages in manufacturing.
VBC Bt products have the shortest re-entry and pre-harvest intervals allowable by law.

Worker and Environmental Safety
Specificity to lepidopteran pests means that DiPel and XenTari have low-to-no mammalian toxicity or environmental impact. For growers, this translates into environmental stewardship and worker safety benefits. In most markets, VBC Ag Microbial products have the shortest worker re-entry interval and pre-harvest intervals allowed by law. Biorational products can be used any time when worker intervention is especially critical to maintaining crop quality. DiPel and XenTari can also be used right up until harvest. These same benefits can be touted by stakeholders further down the chain as being part of a sustainable production system.

Residue Management
Residue management and Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) are complex issues, particularly for growers targeting export markets.  In today’s market, food processors and retailer commonly impose MRL restrictions more restrictive than their local regulatory agency. Since they lack human toxicity, DiPel and XenTari are exempt from residue tolerance and provide critical resistance management benefits, especially for late season applications.

Program Flexibility
DiPel and XenTari are widely used in both conventional and organic cropping systems around the world. More and more often, growers are maintaining both organic and conventional acreage. VBC Ag Microbial products are OMRI® certified and registered for use in most organic production systems.