Nutrient Efficiency in Alfalfa

Nutrient efficiency is the measure of how well a plant is able to utilize available nutrients in the soil.  The four-species consortium of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi in MycoApply® extends the effective root zone of the plant, allowing it to access available as well as unavailable (chemically bound) nutrients and transport them into the plant. This symbiosis enhances the uptake and availability of nutrients and improves the plant’s expended energy – to – nutrient uptake ratio.

Impact on soil nutrient reserves is higher in Alfalfa than most any commonly grown crop. The four-species consortium of mycorrhizae in MycoApply® dramatically expands the alfalfa plant’s active root zone allowing for better access to available nutrients to ensure a quality crop season after season.

By extending the root’s effective zone of access through mycorrhizal fungi hyphal network, mycorrhizal fungi allow for better and faster nutrient uptake resulting in a stronger, healthier plant.