Nutrient Efficiency in Banana

Nutrient efficiency is the measure of how well a plant is able to utilize available nutrients in the soil.  The four-species consortium of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi in MycoApply® extends the effective root zone of the plant, allowing it to access available as well as unavailable (chemically bound) nutrients and transport them into the plant. This symbiosis enhances the uptake and availability of nutrients and improves the plant’s expended energy – to – nutrient uptake ratio.

With Bananas, nutrient efficiency is especially important because the crop has a shallow root system limiting access to nutrients through the long crop cycle. Bananas are often grown in poor tropical soils that have poor soil structure, poor water holding capacity and poor nutrient availability. The mycorrhizal fungi  hyphal improves root access to nutrients as well as transports much-needed nutrients and water back to the plant for optimal utilization producing higher quality fruit.