Nutrient Efficiency in Sugarcane

Nutrient efficiency level is the measure of how well a plant is able to utilize available nutrients. The beneficial mycorrhizal fungi in MycoApply® strengthen and extend the hyphal network of the plant, allowing it to better absorb available and unavailable nutrients and transport these nutrients to the plant roots. This activity increases the uptake and availability of nutrients and improves the plant’s expended energy / nutrient uptake ratio.

Sugarcane is grown in power tropical soils that have poor nutrient and water holding capacities. In Sugarcane, MycoApply helps to create a healthy plant through water and nutrient uptake leading to more efficient photosynthesis that keeps the sugars from turning into starch as a result of stress. The combination of nutrient availability and stress mitigation leads to a higher quality crop.

The mycorrhizal fungi hyphal network also efficiently transports nutrients and water back to the plant which keeps the availability to the plant optimized for utilization.