Root Absorption for Cereal Grains

In general, plant root zone expansion is a highly desirable outcome for any cultural or product-based aspect of crop production. Roots are a plant’s lifeline to water and nutrients that directly affect productivity. MycoApply® biorational soil health products, based on a four-species consortium of beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), achieve this goal by expanding the plant’s absorption area through branching AMF filaments, or hyphae, that extend well beyond the reach of the roots. Studies show mycorrhizae expand root absorption area by up to 50x.

Most cereal grains are planted in high density populations and grown in highly tilled soils where competition for available nutrients is high. This makes a strong root system critical to producing a quality crop. MycoApply helps to expand the root absorption area dramatically leading to nutrient and water absorption which helps fill heads that optimizes genetic yield potential. Mycorrhizae also help solubalize chemically bound nutrients the plant could not otherwise access.