Root Absorption for Corn

In general, plant root expansion is a highly desirable outcome for any cultural or product-based aspect of crop production. Roots are a plant’s lifeline to water and nutrients that directly impact productivity. MycoApply® biorational soil health products, based on a four-species consortium of beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), achieve this goal by expanding the plant’s absorption area through branching AMF filaments, or hyphae, that extend well beyond the reach of the roots.

While corn is known to have a deep and strong rooting system, its roots are also course and can have limited access to nutrients and water. Plants like corn are positively affected by mycorrhizae because the symbiotic hyphae give the plant access to tiny pores where water and nutrients in the soil that would not otherwise reach. MycoApply can positively affect corn by significantly increasing its active root zone access, allowing for better access to nutrients and water uptake and retention, particularly important during times of stress and grain fill.

Due to this crop’s unforgiving nature, any positive affect on the root zone will likely have a strong effect on yield.