Root Absorption for Leafy Vegetables

In general, plant root zone expansion is a highly desirable outcome for any cultural or product-based aspect of crop production. Roots are a plant’s lifeline to water and nutrients that directly impact productivity. MycoApply® biorational soil health products, based on beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), achieve this goal by expanding the plant’s absorption area through branching AMF filaments, or hyphae, that extend well beyond the reach of the roots.

Most leafy vegetable production systems consist of densely planted crops that are highly competitive for nutrient and water during these short season crop cycles.   MycoApply mycorrhizal fungi can provide a more efficient network and access to nutrients and water in these highly competitive growing conditions.  Crop yield  is second to the crop quality or shelf-life of these leaf vegetables, which is directly related to the health of the plant.  MycoApply helps to expand the active root zone absorption dramatically, leading to nutrient and water absorption mitigating deficiency stresses. Mycorrhizae also help stabilize soils to improve water and nutrient holding capacities of the soil.