Soil Disease for Brassicas

Due to the steadfast nature of soil diseases, best results will be obtained if a control measure is used prior to disease onset or in the earliest stages of disease development. Soil diseases vary based on crop and can be fungal or bacterial.

Brassicas are susceptible to the following diseases:

  • Damping-Off (Fusarium) (Phytophthora spp.) (Pythium spp.) (Rhizoctonia solani)
  • Phytophthora Root Rot (Phytophthora megasperma)
  • Sclerotinia Stem Rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum)
  • Verticillium Wilt (Verticillium spp.)
  • Yellows (Fusarium oxysporum)

Able to be tank mixed with many products, Actinovate® AG protects plants from fungal diseases in a variety of ways including secretion of compounds that suppress fungi. Actinovate AG colonizes both root and leaf tissues of plants and provides protection from pathogens.

Plants treated with Actinovate AG as a soil drench will become hardier, more vigorous and will have a robust and protected root system.

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