Soil Stability for Cane Berries

cane berriesSoil stability relies on the strength of the soil’s structure. Strong soil structure will contain pores that allow the passing of water and air as well as provide room for soil organisms and plant roots to grow there. The development of strong soil structure has a direct relationship to the presence of beneficial, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), the active ingredient found in MycoApply® and the symbiotic relationship these organisms form with the plant. In addition to soil penetration brought about by the fungi’s mycelial branching (hyphae), AMF release a sticky glycoprotein called glomalin that improves soil structure.

Heavily reliant on size and firmness, stable soil will allow Cane Berries better access to available nutrients. This helps to ensure consistent quality.

Glomalin binds micro-soil particles into macroparticles forming strong bonds that result in soil stability and an environment primed for plant growth.