Consumer Demand for Biorationals

Consumers today are more aware than ever of the quality of food they eat, the water they drink, and the air they breathe. Moreover, they have become accustomed to a year-round supply of high-quality agricultural products that meet their nutritional needs.

VBC biorationals improve crop quality and are safe to humans and other non-target organisms. For these reasons, biorationals are unique and present suppliers of quality food and fiber with an added degree of flexibility. Biorationals are used in organic as well as conventional production systems, and can contribute greatly to the marketability of a crop by creating value that extends all the way to the end user.

Consumer preferences drive decisions at every level of the food value chain. As more and more companies effectively market “food safety” and “environmental responsibility” to end-consumers, biorational product integration will continue to grow.

As a result of changing consumer trends, today’s food processor or retailer is more apt be prescriptive as to what can or cannot be used in the production of crops they buy. For growers and packer/shippers, therefore, the use of VBC biorational products may offer a means to strengthen buyer/seller relationships with an eye toward the demands of the end user.