Gibberellic Acid 3

RyzUp™ Plant Growth Regulator

RyzUp™ Plant Growth Regulator is a highly effective gibberellic acid (GA3) that promotes cell elongation, increases fruit size, and delays senescence in fruit and vegetable crops. 

  • In bananas, RyzUp improves postharvest green life to prevent early ripening during transport and storage. It also alleviates plant stress and enhances yield
  • In pineapples, RyzUp improves fruit size and quality, ensuring higher yields
  • In rice production, RyzUp promotes panicle exertion, improving flower pollination and preventing diseases
  • In cotton, RyzUp stimulates early growth, encouraging more leaf area, more nodes, and more height for higher yield potential

OMRI caterpillar pest control

Maximizes green life

Ryzup maximizes the green life of bananas, providing longer-lasting, high-quality fruit to the market.

Supply management improvement

Ryzup increases the percentage of marketable fruit, which improves the supplier and grower relationship, increases sales, and builds trust.

Innovative formulation

The innovative soluble granule formulation dissolves instantly, does not contain dust, and is not flammable.

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Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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