Proliant® for Livestock Operations

corn rows

What is Proliant?

Proliant® Plant Growth Regulator is a patented gibberellic acid formulation that increases a plant’s ability to capture the sun’s energy, resulting in stronger, healthier plants.

The formulation stimulates protein synthesis and enzymes responsible for plant growth, which makes cell wall structures more flexible and increases cell expansion and elongation, resulting in greater cell capacity.

What can Proliant do for you?

Proliant is designed for livestock operations, allowing dairymen and ranchers to maximize their silage corn tonnage while retaining nutrition quality and extending the grazing window on both ends of the season for perennial pasture grasses.

Silage Corn

Proliant initiates early season plant growth to maximize yield potential in crops like silage corn. In corn, enhanced cell division and cell elongation allow for improved early ear, vegetative, and root growth for a stronger, more stress-tolerant crop with greater capacity for higher yields. 

image and graph showing Proliant on corn

Hay and Pasture Grass

Proliant initiates early season plant growth and extends late season plant growth under cool conditions, maximizing yield potential in hay and pasture grass. This enables livestock to spend more time in the pasture, reducing the need to purchase off-farm feed.


  • In cold spring temperatures, Proliant application can initiate pasture grass growth 2-3 weeks earlier.
  • In the fall, Proliant can extend the grazing season up to 2-3 weeks by promoting growth as temperatures decline.
graphs showing improved tonnage after application of Proliant
image showing Proliant treated vs untreated areas in pasture grass

How do I find out more about Proliant?

For more information, speak to your local representative or Contact Us.