Corn, Grain and Silage

RyzUp SmartGrass is registered in the U.S. for use on corn. RyzUp SmartGrass enhances early ear, vegetative and root growth through enhanced cell division and cell elongation for a stronger, more stress tolerant crop with increased capacity for greater yields. In 2012, use of RyzUp SmartGrass resulted in an average yield increase of 11.7 Bu/A in replicated university trials and 9.5 Bu/A in commercial field trials.

RyzUp SmartGrass provides growers with flexibility in application. The V2 – V5 stage application timing for RyzUp SmartGrass allows it to be used in a tank mix with standard applications of Roundup®; Herbicide, Domark®; Fungicide and/or non-phytotoxic fertilizers in a conventional production system.

RyzUp SmartGrass is OMRI® approved for use in organic production