Aveo® EZ Nematicide

Aveo® EZ Nematicide contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain PTA-4838 and is a concentrated liquid product for seed treatment use.

  • Concentrated formulation allows for low use rates that occupy less space on the seed making it easy to use and add to current seed treatment programs
  • Compatible with most traditional seed treatment technologies, providing enhanced activity and complementing beneficial soil organisms while providing flexibility when adding to seed treatment programs
  • Novel liquid formulation offers easy handling for accurate measurement and a two-year shelf life from date of manufacture for use beyond one season


Aveo EZ shields roots from key yield limiting parasitic nematodes in a diverse range of crops.

Root colonizing microbe creates a bio-barrier

Aveo EZ creates a bio-barrier that sustains activity as the plant grows and provides protection across all root zones.

Tank mix compatibility

Aveo EZ is compatible with traditional and biological technologies, providing flexibility for various crop management programs.

Key Crops

Broadacre Crops (excluding corn, cotton, oil seed rape)


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